Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Weapom to Knife + Auto Damage x 5


Hello members, today I updated my hacks and wanna release this simple hack:
Damage x 5 + weapom to knike
(Only for: SSG82, AK-47, M16, MP5)


1ª Opens BS, open your injector, search Yulu.DLL put settings to inject automatically.
2ª Before enter in channel press key END and you will see my pop-up(press ATL + TAB) find and close it.

3ª After this press key HOME for active DAMAGE x 5, so close pop-up, or come back to that.

If not worked, press hotkeys again.

Note 1: Work in any serve.
Note 2: Tested only in W7-64 bits, others system try yourself.
Note 3: The function just is actived if pop-up is closed.

Virus scan:

Thx MasterBS by pop-up.

Credits to me: YULU

Thx if I help u , enjoy

Download Now
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