Tuesday, January 6, 2015

[Release] Blackshot Sph0 V1.4 8In 1

Hi all members AG,
I want to share Multi Function cheat V1.4 (8 In 1) :smoke:

cheat and Hotkey
• TeamESP - Home
• Damage cheat x15 - Delete
• No Recoil - Insert
• Speed cheat - PageDown
• Unlock Silencer - End(Throw Your Gun and pick up if it not working)
• No Spread - F8
• Rapid fire + Weapon to melee(3 weapon) (MP5,M16A1,SSG82) - F5   (if it not working pls spam it)

Credit to:  ViolentCoder and SPH0 member for this awesome cheat  :give_heart:

Happy Hacking BLACKSHIT guys.  :angry2:

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