Tuesday, January 6, 2015


Microsoft and Sony have been struggling with massive server failures for days, their online networks PlayStation Network and Xbox Live have suffered from DDoS attacks. Now Electronic Arts' servers are also affected. Many players were and are still annoyed, especially because of the fact that it's holiday time. The opportunity opens up to test a new console or game extensively during this time.
The situation seems to have calmed down because PlayStation Network and Xbox Live are, according to their status pages, online again.

Electronic Arts has also suffered from massive problems since Thursday. According to user statements, Battlefield, Fifa and Madden are affected, including game developer Bungie's Destiny. Because many players weren't able to see Xur, an NPC, the developer extends its weekend event and thus the length of Xur's presence. If any further inconvenience occur, Bungie will extend the event again. 
Battlefield 4 players are also able to look forward to an event extension. The Community Manager of Battlefield, Dan Mitre, announced via Twitter that a double XP event will take place beyond January 1st. However, it's currently unknown when exactly it will end.

Do you think that Lizard Squad is responsible for the problems at Electronic Arts as well? And have you witnessed yourselves the server failures? Share your opinion with us!
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