Thursday, January 29, 2015

A.V.A. Macro by R3DDOT & Hunter!

A.V.A. Macro By R3DDOT & Hunter!

Today I'm Releasing R3DDOT's Macro. I Pestered Him To Do One And It Seems It Worked. Enjoy!
A.V.A. Rocket Macro II Menu, Features List & Instructions
A.V.A. Rocket Macro II Menu

A.V.A. Rocket Macro II Features List (And Such)
- Firing Assist (No Assist, Tap, Quickswitch, Automatic).
- WalkAssist (Makes User Walk While Firing) And CrouchAssist (Makes User Crouch While Firing).
- Weapon Tracking System: Tracks The Weapon You Are Holding (It Will Assume You Always Have 1 Grenade And 1 C4, Press 1 To Reset).
- Class Tracking System: Tracks The Class You Are Currently Using.
- Weapon Firing Mode (Configurable): Changes Current Weapon's Assist Firing Mode (Tap, Quickswitch, Automatic, No-Assist).
- Customizable Hotkeys/Key Bindings: Ability To Customize Each Individual Hotkey.
- Load/Save Settings: Ability To Save And Load Previous/Current Settings.
- Spoof Application Name: Spoofs Application Name.
- Spoof Window Title: Spoofs Window's Title.
- Recoil Fixer (BETA) - Counterbalances Weapon's Recoil, Lowering Its Effects.
1. Download The Macro.
2. Start A.V.A.
3. Enjoy!

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@R3DDOT - Cheat Development.
@Asqapro - Thanks To Him R3DDOT Managed To Find A Method In Order To Improve His Macro.
@Hunter! - Cheat Thread And Some Minor Stuff.

Side Notes
- The Macro's Hotkeys Are Costumizable. It Has Over 15 Costumizable Keys + The Settings Of Each Class.
- If This Is The First Time You Use The Macro Then I Advise You To Change The Hotkeys & The Classes' Settings.
- Once You Download The Macro 2 Files Will Be Created, One Will Be The Macro's File And Another Will Be A Dll So You Can Run The Macro Without Any Problems. Note That None Of Those Files Will Harm Your Computer Nor Your System Although These Procedures - (The Creation Of Files Can Be Considered/Detected As A Trojan By Your Antivirus) - FALSE
- When You're In Lobby You Must Pause The Macro. In Order To Re-Activate It You Just Need To Press One Of The Pointman/Riffleman/Sniper's Hotkeys.
- The Macro Records Its Settings After Each Macro's Usage.
- Use This Tool At Your Own Risk, Note That It's Not Our Fault If You Get Banned!
- Have Fun & Leave A Thanks If You Liked The Tool.

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