Monday, January 5, 2015

[05.01] Kazbah Public v37 #Chams,ESP,All Slots,Zombie OPK,GM Warning#

If it dont work use the thread for solve the errors i dont give any support for public cheat users!

Unable to load dependent module 'd3dx9_43.dll'
You need to install DirectX9 (google it)

WINMM.dll error
You need to install Netframework 3.5 not 4.0!

How to use the Streamer
Hello, in this Topic im going to describe you, how you can get the Streamer working properply.
First of all, i wan't to explain you a few rules and facts about our Streamer.
The streamer supports the following Operating Systems ( WinXP 32&64bit , WinVista 32&64bit , Win7 32&64bit , Win8 32&64bit )
Beginning with the first login into the Streamer with your Forum account, you have to wait 10h untill you are able to use the Loader on a different PC with your Account.
The Loader will automatically recognize your current Forum rank, so if you have a Group with VIP Rights you see all VIP/Public hacks, if not you will just be able to use Public hacks.
The Loader will automatically recieve the newest Version of the Cheat, that is avaiable, from the Server.
The HackStatus at our Homepage is always synchronously with the Streamer. If a Hack is stated as Offline at our Site, you will not be able to use the Cheat at the moment.
You always need to have the newest Version of the Streamer, else you won't be able to use any cheats.
The streamer can't handle password with Special characters in, so please be sure, that yours only contains letters and numbers ( a-Z , 0-9 )
You can save your Userdata by selecting the 'Save Login' option at the Streamer Login.
Any tries to manipulate the Streamer will be recognized in our Database and will lead to a permanent Hardware and Account ban.
Please post any problems regarding the Streamer in the Support area, all other questions will be ignored. Be sure, that you describe your problem as
precisely as possible, so we can reproduce and fix it. If possible attach a Screenshot of the Errormessage.

So how to Load any Cheat?
Disable your Antivirus program, or choose to ignore our Streamer, because often it is considered as False Positive, because it is obfuscated for Security reasons
If you have a Firewall, allow our Streamer to connect to the Internet
Download the newest version of the Streamer
Be sure , that you have .Net Framework 3.5 installed, else you will get an error Message like "This is not a valid Win32 Application"
Be sure , that you have disabled the DEP, if not follow the instructions and restart your Computer
If you are on Win7/Win Vista/Win8 be sure to open the Streamer as Administrator, by Rightclicking its Icon and selecting 'Run as Administrator'
A small login Window will popup. If you are already registered at enter your Username in the first, and your Password in the Second field. Otherwise push the 'Register' button and you will get redirected to our Registration-Page
If you wan't to save your Login data, select the Checkbox 'Save Login'
If your Login informations got verified successfully, a new Window will popup, containing a list with all current Cheats, that just looks like the Hackstatus at our site.
Select the Cheat, that you wan't to use and press the 'Stream!' button.
If the Cheat is online, the Streamer will start to get the cheat. If the Streamer succeed, gettign the hack, the Box in the corner will Display for example 'Waiting for WarRock.exe'. If not, create a Thread in the Support-Section, and attach a Screenshot from the Loader.
Now you should start the Game ( in this example WarRock ) and the Streamer will try to attach our Cheat to it.
If the Cheat got successfully loaded, the textbox will say "Done..." and close itself after a short period of time.
If it couldn't get successfully Loaded, it will print an error Message into the textbox.

Currently we are known about the following Injection Errors:

"Unable to load dependent module 'd3dx9_43.dll'" -> You need to install DirectX9

I hope, that i was able to answer your question with this Text

Be sure you have installed NetFramework 3.5 or higher( if not you can get it here )
Be sure you have installed C++ 2010 Redistruable Package( if not you can get it here : 64bit | 32bit )
Start the .exe file ( the Injector ) as Administrator
Start WarRock.
The Public Hack will appear and you can navigate trough it with the arrows

To avoid detection or Party program message , do the following before using our hacks
Restart your PC
Close all Background programs , that are not needed for you to play
Follow the steps above to start WarRock with our Programs

If the Hack keeps crashing proceed as follows

  • Open System by clicking the Start button , clicking Control Panel, clicking System and Maintenance, and then clicking System.
  • Click Advanced System Settings.  If you are prompted for an administrator password or confirmation, type the password or provide confirmation.
  • Under Performance, click Settings.
  • Click the Data Execution Prevention tab, and then click Turn on DEP for all programs and services except those I select
  • Credits : Microsoft

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