Saturday, December 20, 2014

Znoen Pub 3.0 | ESP | OPK | Stamina | Remote | Weapon

This is my new hack! Tryout the Public version, and let me know what you think about it!
You can download the file below!


I unlocked some function (see screenshot), like ESP
Have fun. I did not have proper time for testing. So if you have any crashes or found any bugs. Please let me know!!
This is a public version. Some function will be disabled

Some Info:

Virus Scans

How to use

  • Download a injector
  • Set the injector to Warrock.exe
  • Go to settings -> Enable Auto Inject
  • Select the file you downloaded below
  • Start Warrock 
  • Extreme injector does tell you the injection failed. But it didn't!
  • Don't see the menu? Download this

Much Much tnx to @AeroMan
@ Systomar @n4n033

Download Now


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