Monday, December 8, 2014

[UPDATED]Ponzi's Weapon Unlocker

For Window 7 and 8 ONLY!

Ponzi's WB Hack Unlocker is now UPDATED!
Frozen guns is already included

Screenshot :

Already tested for
Templar Uzi = 56,000 SP
Phoenix PSG1 = 88,000 SP
HK416 = 46,000 SP
Frozen G3G6 = 52,000
Frozen AN-94 = 55,000
Independence M110 SASS = 50,000

i dont have enough SP Let me know if its working for other guns

Instruction :
For window 8
For window 7
Extract the dll and .exe on desktop
Open DFLauncher Login and Gamestart
You must run as administrator the Ponziuncloker.exe before the xigncode

For Errors
Install the Latest June 2010 Direct X Redistributable and MSVC++ Redist 2012

How to Install Direct X Redist??
STEP 1: Create a directory somewhere & extract the files there.
STEP 2: the extracted files are now in the created directory.
STEP 3: run "DXSETUP.exe", accept the agreement & just follow the instruction.

Download Now
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