Friday, December 19, 2014

[Release] Dragon Nest SEA Bot TheDNBot

This is a guide to set up your TheDNBot. The Best Dragon Nest Bot!

How TheDNBot Works
Farming gold (Up to 2400G per day per bot) by endlessly hunt for royal chest
Run up to 20 bots (2400G x 20) or MORE depending on your computer specifications
Almost like a Dragon Nest Gold Hack! Farm gold even when away from keyboard

Step by Step guide to setting up TheDNBot

We created this bot to be as simple to use as possible. No settings, no crazy options. But first you need to follow a few steps before we start.

Microsoft NET Framework 4.5.1
Please google and download the Microsoft .NET Framework 4.5.1

Setting Dragon Nest Game Client (IMPORTANT)
Start your dragon nest normally and select option in launcher
Change Resolution to 1024 x 768
Select Windowed Mode
Make sure your Dragon Nest Character is in Prairie Town
Disable 2nd password as it is not supported yet
Keep a copy of the Dragon Nest Folder in its original condition saved in another location in your computer

TheDNBot Installation
Please download from the link below and save the launcher.exe to your dragon nest folder. (Eg. C:\CherryDeGames\Dragon Nest)
After download is complete, run the launcher.exe
A shortcut will be created on your desktop to launch TheDNBot
Key in the trial key Username and Password. If you do not have a trial key yet, please request from Waffle (Admin)

Good to GO!
Now key in your Username and Password of your Dragon Nest Account (Ignore other setting)
If you are not comfortable with keying in your Dragon Nest Username and Password, Use "1" or anything as Username and Password
Click Start!
Once the Game Client launches, log in as normal in the Dragon Nest Login
Dragon Nest should start and after loading, your character will start farming Royal Chest

Multi Session/ Client Login
To start a second session of the bot, simply double click on the DNBot Shortcut on your desktop again
Follow the steps above and click start
Trial Accounts are limited to 3 Sessions

Updating TheDNBot
TheDNBot was built with efficiency and easy of use in mind. So updating the bot is simply launching it as usual when we are done with our patching

Trial Keys
If you did not register for Trial Keys before and wish to have 1, Please PM Waffle (Admin)

Download Now
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