Thursday, December 18, 2014

[Pirate Storm] Marid --> Bot + Wartool

WAR Tool & NPC Killer Bot for Pirate Storm


  • auto shoot back when an enemy attacks you
  • invisible ships will be visible (Antistealth)
  • enemy UIDs list & enemy Clans list: enter the Clans or UserIDs of your enemies in the list and they will be shot immediately if someone is in sight
  • Hotkey F2 to attack the next NPC that is in range
  • Hotkey F3 to attack the next player in range
  • NPC Killer Bot! The Bot shoots NPCs for you on the map (with AutoRepair)
  • Box Collector Bot! Collects boxes on the map
  • Auto Updater


  1. Open your browser
  2. In the settings set SOCKS-4 Proxy with port 1080 (NOT HTTP or SOCKS5!)
  3. Start the PSMarid.exe
  4. In the browser, login to your Pirate Storm account
  5. Enjoy!

Website & Download
Go to  for information and download!


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