Monday, December 8, 2014

Mutants: Genetic Gladiators Infinite HP!

The game has been changed and there is 2 new parts in the game that you can play against to another player or you can join the tournament and get some amazing rewards.

At the beginnigs all the games are easy but with time you see that they are all a money trap, so what is the solution? You’re going to cheat as hell :)

With this cheat you will have INFINITE HP! So you can just skip all the stages without paying anything.

Attention: Do not cheat on the player to player (Arena) There is a chance you can get banned!
Step By Step:

  1. Install Cheat Engine To Your Computer! To Download Cheat Engine, DOWNLOAD HERE!
  2. Download Cheat Tool To Your Computer! To Download Cheat Tool,    DOWNLOAD HERE!
  3. Watch The Video Down Below!
  4. Watch it Carefully!

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