Thursday, December 18, 2014

[MOD] LoLEnhancementSuite (Updated for 4.11)


Hello everyone.

You may remember me from LegendaryClient, my custom client that was shutdown by Riot. Since then, I have been thinking of ways to improve League of Legends without releasing my own client.

Thus, I present to you, LoL Enhancement Suite.

It's a very preliminary application, but I felt it was releasable for testing. It is still very alpha though, so only a few mods have been developed and some errors may occur.

LoL Enhancement Suite brings a set of patches to the League of Legends client (and more are in development):
AppearOffline: Adds an option to appear offline in the chat options. You appear invisible to everyone, but all chat functions still remain.
AutoAcceptQueue: Will automatically accept the queue at the end of the queue timer instead of declining the queue.
KeepMyPage: Stops the client from switching back to the home page after a queue is declined.
ClientMatchHistory: Show the old match history in the client instead of just having a picture
StopCloseGame: LoLClient.exe making your League of Legends lag? This removes the call to close the game when the lobby is closed, allowing extra performance gains for those potato machines.
StoreRefresh: Always getting those Session Expired messages in store? This patch allows you to refresh the store simply by reclicking the store button.
JoinMultipleQueues: Not sure which game mode you want to play today? Just join ALL the queues! (NOTE this mod is very experimental)
EasyQueueDodge: Adds a "Quit Game" button to the champion selection screen similar to custom games. NOTE: You will still get queue dodge penalties!!
SkinnyBots: Gives a random skin to the bots in custom games.
SelectRandomSkin: Adds a random-skincard to the Champion Selection. This will allow you to randomize any skins you own.
TimeForAShowdown: Enables custom showdown games on any map
SeeTeamColor: Shows what color team you are on (blue/red).
OfflineMessage: Send messages to people who are offline.

These mods have been removed by Riot request, I will not be distributing the files to patch it into the client:

And yes, it is open source: 

Binaries can be found here: Download LESS


Latest version is

Make sure League of Legends is closed when installing mods!!!!

Only 15 mods? Are more going to be released?
Yep! I just wanted to get some feedback before I work on some mods, even some mod suggestions
I hate it!!!!!!!!!! how 2 uninstall????????
You can repair your client using the LoL patcher, or navigate to C:\Riot Games\League of Legends\RADS\projects\lol_air_client\releases\[LatestVersion]\deploy and there will be a folder called LESsBackup with all the unpatched files in there. You can also use the inbuilt Remove LES button.
I accidentally patched more than once. Will anything bad happen?
Nope, LESs is smart enough to know what to patch and what not to patch. You can stack patches and nothing will happen.
A new patch just came out and I lost everything. WTF happened?
LESs modifies the game files and Riot will override them every patch. You just need to run LESs again. Some patches may not work so it would be best to wait for an updated LESs, but it will usually patch without any problems.
I tried patching and it crashed. HELP!!!
No worries. Make sure you run it as administrator if it crashes. It needs to be in a short directory (so in your home directory is good) otherwise it will crash. If you follow these and it still crashes, please report in this thread or on GitHub. You can uninstall it (follow the questions above) to ensure that your client is untouched.
I tried patching and nothing happened. HELP!!!
Post your debug.log please and relevant screenshots and I will try and help
Where is custom game modes like urf and showdown?
They can't be enabled in anyway anymore. Riot closed any method of creating games of those types.


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