Sunday, December 14, 2014


Hi. Its my first time to release. I just learn how to create nomenu cheat in less than 48 hours and im new here, so welcome me

No Recoil = Auto
No Spread = Left Control
Glass Wall = Middle Mouse Button
No Water = Home
No Fog = Delete
No Zombie Attack = Auto (Only Lover, hangman, claw and big bosses can kill you)

NOTE: In order to activate the "No Zombie Attack", you have to be ALONE in AI. If zombies wont attack you (including lovers), press the "NUM LOCK" button to reactivate/deactivate.

Virus Scans:
I tried to add virus scan but it says "An error has occurred GlutaPrinces! You are not allowed to post links.". Please grant me access to add links to 2 antivirus website. Attached notepad is the URL for the 2 antivirus. Thanks.

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