Sunday, December 7, 2014

[1.8] Taco Client [PvP] [Huge Hakes] [Get Rekt]

Screen Shots


The Hack

1. Aura – Hits (possibly multiple) things in front of you.
2. AutoPotion – Automatically uses potions of healing when low health
3. AutoSoup – Same as above but with soup
4. AutoWeapon – Chooses your best weapon
5. Criticals – Force Criticals, little buggy on NoCheat servers, y’all gonna have to jump every now and then
6. NoVelocity – You don’t move when hit
7. Regen – Regenerate health faster (uses food)
8. Step – Steps up blocks
9. Blink – Stops packets from sending and sends them all at once. Kinda like a lagswitch
10. Phase – Glitches through walls with NC+, semi-broken due to 1.8
11. Climb – Spider up walls
12. Speed – Move faster
13. Sprint – Sprints for you
14. Speedmine – Mine faster
15. Jesus – Save the world from evil
16. Fly – Flies
17. Nofall – Take no fall damage
18. AutoTool – Choose the best tool for the clicked block
19. Nuker – Breaks shit around you, works in creative
20. Floor – Builds a floor for you
21. ESP – Draws black boxes around mobs. Turns red when damaged
22. Tracers – Draws lines to players only
23. Fullbright – Makes the game so dark it’s unplayable
24. Xray – Shows valuable blocks
25. Trajectories – Shows where things will land
26. ChatSpam – Spams text. Turn it on for more information
27. NiggerSpeak – Ta1ke& lieK D’is All da TiMe
28. ClickFriends – Middle click a thing to friend it. Again to remove it
29. NoCheat – Makes cheats work a little better
30. Commands – Chat commands


All keys are bindable. (Ex: .bind speed J)
[Right Shift] to open the GUI

Chat Commands:
.bind MOD KEY
.bind list
.friend USERNAME

Download Now
Taco (Reup) 
Taco Guide 
Taco Pack

Try first on dummy account, to avoid ban!


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