Sunday, November 9, 2014

Znoen D3D 1.1.4

Znoen D3D

How to use Znoen D3D!! { Read this if you don't understand! }

- First Download and extract the zip file on the end of this post.
- Second Go to this page and download Extreme Injector
- Open Extreme Injector, Go to settings and make sure Auto Inject is enabled!

- Hit the Add DLL button and select the extracted DLL file you downloaded on the first step.

- Change the process name to: Warrock.exe

- Now its time to start Warrock!

Read This!
I couldn't check the hack for any bugs, if you got any crashes or found other bugs. Please let me know by posting a reply or PM me!


Change Log
- Fixed bug
- Updated for Warrock
- Added NoReload
~ Makes you spray with sniper/handguns
~ knuckles are now a instand kill!
~ Disables somersault (fixing this bug)
- Fixed bug for some windows XP Users
- Added SmoothJump
- Added Fast Nade Blast
- Fixed radiobutton problems (only one crosshair, or jump hack can be selected at the time)
- Fixed some menu bugs
- Fixed Slider height string, you can now see the value per hack.
- Small BugFixes
- Updated for Warrock
- Rebuild Tab base
- Most Functions are rewritten
- Added More color CrossHair

- Big thanks to @Alex_Agnew for helping me create this new menu!
- @BattleCoder
- @n4n033


Download Now
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