Thursday, November 13, 2014

[ZiDHax][CF EU] Full XTrap Bypass

Its time for another release of ZiDHax (Slicktor & Me.)

Today we will present you our new Fully XTrap Bypass for CF!



How to use
- Download & extract everything in the main folder of CF!
-Put the XTrap folder stuff into the CF - XTrap folder!
-Start Launcher.exe to run CF bypassed!
-Done! Your game will start completely without XTrap! You can use old !UNPATCHED! but detected hacks!

Also you can use every cheat tool you want. No restrictions! Even packet senders are undetected!

If you like our releases please leave a like & feedback.

Working for EU only!

Team ZiDHax

- Slicktor

-Me (ZiD)

Dont leech otherwise we wont release stuff for free, its your decision.

ZiD & Slicktor

Download Now

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