Thursday, November 27, 2014

[Release] Candy Crush Saga Gold Hack - Nov 2014 (work for fb and android)

Candy Crush Saga - Gold Hack

Go to Candy Crush Saga - Gold Hack
Enter your session key.
Hit submit.
then refresh the game.

[Guide] To get a session key (thanks to majidemo):

  1. Visit Candy Crush Saga.
  2. Right click near the game(not on the game) and view the frame source(not page source).
  3. Search for sessionKey. (ctrl+f)

Look for something like:

PHP Code:

        sessionKey : 'e_ctf46sdsc0IwRcMqPi', <--;this is the session key 'e_ctf46sdsc0IwRcMqPi' 
        facebookAppId : '210831918949520', 
        canvasPageUrl : '', 
        nameSpace : 'candycrush', 
        graphObjectUrl : '', 
        facebookPageId : '244944385603396', 
        userId : XXXXXXX, 
        oscif : false 


  1. How do I submit? Where do I submit my session key? Please help!

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