Thursday, November 6, 2014


@Mayion removed my old thread because there was a "tiny" outside link ;( so bad.
So I removed the outside link to release again.. thanks @Mayion , because of you I had to write another long text : - ).
So yea, It is a remake of ExoduS's & AeroMan's tab base. I just updated the hook and the addys. Done
Unfortunatley there is no esp, because it just did not work : - (.
Anyway there are many new features, and remember it's a public cheat .

[Player Cheats]
- Super Jump
- Sky Walk
- Fly Hack
- Moon Jump
- No Fall Damage
- Dig
- No Boundaries
- Quick Spawn
- Fast Repair
- Fast Ammunition
- Fast Flag
- Fast Health
- Speed Hack
- Roll Speed
- Glass Walls
- Instant Lock-On (may not work)
- Artillery (may crash/not work)
- Suicide

[Server Cheats]
- Anti-AFK
- Auto Ready
- No Room Restriction
- Premium

[Weapon Cheats]
- Unlock Slot 5
- Unlock Slot 6
- Unlock Slot 7
- Unlock Slot 8
- Bone Shot
- Super No Spread
- No Recoil
- Extra Ammo Clip 1
- Extra Ammo Clip 2
- Virtual Scope [may not work]
- Binocular [may not work]

[Direct3D Cheats]
- Weapon Chams
- Player Chams
- Wire Frame
- Point Mode
- No Fog
- Crosshair

[ESP Cheats]
- Coming soon.


- start an injector of your choice (I recommend Extreme Injector, made by @master131 )
- use manual map injection
- inject to warrock process (warrock.exe)
- open/close menu with INSERT key on the keyboard
- have fun!

If the cheat is not working, or not showing up, please download the following components: 

- if its still not working, please contact me using this thread or my private contact information I provided at mpgh.


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