Thursday, November 6, 2014


@Mayion removed my old thread because there was a "tiny" outside link ;( so bad.
So I removed the outside link to release again.. thanks @Mayion , because of you I had to write another long text : - ).
So yea, It is a remake of ExoduS's & AeroMan's tab base. I just updated the hook and the addys. Done
Unfortunatley there is no esp, because it just did not work : - (.
Anyway there are many new features, and remember it's a public cheat .

[Player Cheats]
- Super Jump
- Sky Walk
- Fly Hack
- Moon Jump
- No Fall Damage
- Dig
- No Boundaries
- Quick Spawn
- Fast Repair
- Fast Ammunition
- Fast Flag
- Fast Health
- Speed Hack
- Roll Speed
- Glass Walls
- Instant Lock-On (may not work)
- Artillery (may crash/not work)
- Suicide

[Server Cheats]
- Anti-AFK
- Auto Ready
- No Room Restriction
- Premium

[Weapon Cheats]
- Unlock Slot 5
- Unlock Slot 6
- Unlock Slot 7
- Unlock Slot 8
- Bone Shot
- Super No Spread
- No Recoil
- Extra Ammo Clip 1
- Extra Ammo Clip 2
- Virtual Scope [may not work]
- Binocular [may not work]

[Direct3D Cheats]
- Weapon Chams
- Player Chams
- Wire Frame
- Point Mode
- No Fog
- Crosshair

[ESP Cheats]
- Coming soon.


- start an injector of your choice (I recommend Extreme Injector, made by @master131 )
- use manual map injection
- inject to warrock process (warrock.exe)
- open/close menu with INSERT key on the keyboard
- have fun!

If the cheat is not working, or not showing up, please download the following components:


- if its still not working, please contact me using this thread or my private contact information I provided at mpgh.


Download Now
'hotshotgamers.net' does not host any of the files mentioned on this blog. This blog only points out to various links on the Internet that already exist and are uploaded by other websites or users in www.pcgamers.net www.citpekalongan.com ramleague.netand more. I don't create cheat I don't know anything about coding. Using cheat may ban your account permanently. Use at your own risk!