November 23, 2014

New ATM Hack Ninja Saga

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Ninja Saga ATM

The hack requires fiddler2:
Download here:
1.Install Fiddler2
2. To configure Fiddler2 follow the path Tools / Options ... Fiddler / HTTPS
3. Select Decrypt HTTPS traffic
4. Install the Certificate (click Root Certificate Export to Desktop and install
5. Click OK or not save the configuration
Now let's hack:
Download here: if you have AdBlock stop it first enter to page
1.Open Fiddler2, go AutoResponder and enable Enable automatic responses and Unmatched requests passthrough
2. Move the .swf file downloaded on the space below the first
3. Cancel chache and the page again ninja saga.
4. Wait. The hack is automatic and he autocomplete exam mission, too!
Credit: Ninjasagacc


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