November 13, 2014

Easy zoomhack, working after 4.18 [ddraw.dll]

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Hey guys!

Since (for no reason, as it has always worked) my (leeched) ddraw.dll zoomhack after 4.11 was marked as [Outdated] here is a reupload! It's the same file and it's still working!

Screenshots are not available since there is no interface to speak of!

1) Unzip
2) choose between 'with a popup' or 'no popup' (no popup, activates every game automatically / with popup makes you choose when you go in loading screen)
3) place file of choice in: League of Legends\RADS\solutions\lol_game_client_sln\release s\\deploy - (in the folder League of Legends.exe is!)
4) start a game
5) Winning!

None of this is my work. Credits go to tliu0c.

It won't get easier.

Is it bannable? Undoubtedly, however I've been using it for almost a year and without a hitch. Please tho, don't go streaming with it or something!

Virus Scans 

(virusscans are also dated to my original post, once again, it's a straight reupload! If I need to post new ones let me know)

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