November 26, 2014

BlackShot Weapon Trainer V1.3

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Hello MPGH Hackers.

Here is the new version of the Weapon Trainer.

♣♦♣ Weapon Trainer V1.3 ♣♦♣

How to use it:

How to activate Multi Weapon 2:

1) Buy Elbow Grease from the Gears tab

2) From your Storage deactivate then reactivate Elbow Grease

3) Equip a second primary weapon and You will get an error message which is OK

4) Join a room then equip your second primary weapon in game

Notes: (Very important)

1)Some weapons doesn't work and if you use them you will get (Weapon Index Error).

To avoid getting this Error keep the values to their default and click the Apply button.

2)You have to reactivate Multi Weapon 2 each time you join a channel


Virus Total and Jotti


Rullof and Ipei99

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