Sunday, November 9, 2014

Blackshot SKin ColoR Hack

Follow the easy method how to use it

How to Use it

In my image there is a color skin to choice! You can choice any of one 1 to 12 color skin after you choice a skin color for example you choice 1 skin color and the avatar skin color change...after you click number 1 color skin you need to click the Skin hack key [DELETE INSERT] OR [DELETE] then Click [CONFIRN]!

After you done everything the result of skin color is in my first post in spoiler

You have a choice to inject by using master131 setting or by using normal injector both is working ok

Credit by: felipinho157, VolcoM

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So.......must i create a new account to do that?

Yes you need to create a new account to do this hack


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