Thursday, November 27, 2014

27.11] SiroSix Public V1.7.4 *Chams, ESP & more*

- updated for nexon
- alot function now vip only because i dont want so many hacker now.
- fixed some functions, etc
- removed chams & speedroll (will be readded soon) but wallhack is still in the hack.
- chams added again & crashes fixed ( thanks to king7 for publishing something helpfull )
- Fixed Fog, zombieopk position are now changeable, unl.ammo & rapidfire is now public
- Improvements to D3D hook should work for all systems now, less lagg & other small changes
- Fixed problems for some users that no menu appears
- Updated (not sure if works for all)
- removed some D3D functions and unlammo&rapidfire is now again vip only
- updated & fixed xp esp works now without norecoil fine
- Nearly all functions are avaible for public now for 2 days
- Some Functions are VIP Only again.
- D3D Stuff is Back (credits to yazzn for this) & win8 support! & fixed crashes from last ver.
- Fixed 32bit crashes for speedhack & detection. (nospread still can make crash on 32bit)
- updated, no dll needed so dont wonder, removed some functions.
- Laggs reduced


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