Monday, October 27, 2014

Thrials Ghame Weapon Hacks [Blue, Gold, Pink]

Thrials Ghame Weapon Hacks [Blue, Gold, Pink]

Weapons will not be activated unless you press the hot key.

Use at you own risk!
I am no longer concerned if you get banned.

Control B - Blue Weapons
Control G - Gold Weapons
Control P - Pink Weapons

Blue Weapons
*Dual Scorpion Blue
*Scar_H Blue
*PSG_1 Blue
*M72LAW Blue

Gold Weapons
*Dual Scorpion Gold
*M4A1 Gold
*AI AW Gold
*RPG 7 Gold

Pink Weapons
*Dual Scorpion Pink
*AK47 Pink
*AI AW Pink
*M72LAW Pink

1. Thrials Ghame
2. WR JChan
3. Neptali Manaog
4. WarRock SyncMaster

5. @n4n033
6. @TheCamels8
7. @AeroMan
8. @MJCreado
9. @GMDaddy
10. @Jhem


Virus Scans:
1. Virusl Total
2. Jotti's Malware Scan

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