Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Best Software for Criminal Case: Auto Play (coin+xp), Infinite Energy,instant reports

The first software of infinite energy! (That does not surprise me that the kikoos take in source code).
And the first to have one autoplay! These idiots said it was impossible to decipher the key MD5 ... Well the key had one troll inside (by programmers for not decrypt).

In need of minimum framework 3.5 to run.

• Launch:
- Get your gift item.
- Sends energy to all your friends.
- Accepts the accounts of your friends the energy you send..
- Get all your gifts in your messages.

• infinite energy:
- Lets take our top 10 friends and forces to send energy to repeat.
(Energy is automatically accepted, but the messages are sent directly so you will always have energy messages in the inbox).

• Add Crew:
- Add friends accounts to top teammate.
(You must be friends with.)

• Reports:
- Allows you to have 3 friends who accepted the report.
(You do not need to send Reports.)

• Clean up:
- Get all gifts in the mail.

• (checked) Feed the animal:
- Fed every 5 minutes your pet.

• (checked) Auto play:
- Automatically play the first criminal case.
This uses énergie by gains and you can not play along.

• (checked) Get 5 stars (note that can unlock levels (no the stages) you do not have access!)
- You get the 5 star level (with a score of 1000000)
This uses énergie by gains and you can not play along.
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