October 31, 2014

Ballistic FPS Hack Update 31/10/2014

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you can get this hack for free, no password and no survey (absolutely free). By using this hack, you can get more damage, Infinite ammo, no rocoil, no spread and many more.
Ballistic FPS game is rather new in facebook, but this game has long been on kongregate game portal. This game is FPS genre, same with other fps games, in this game there are modes DM, TDM, etc. This game runs with Unity3D engine, so make sure your browser is installed Unity3D player before playing Ballistic FPS.
Play Ballistic FPS on Facebook :Game Ballistic

All Features Ballistic FPS Hack :
1- Show Nick Player : display nick player, blue and red, for the blood of a friend there is bar display.
2-  More Damage : This gives damage by 350 / bullets, for some enemies can 1 hit kill.
3-  No Spread : bullets do not spread, but should not be used, because hard to shoot enemies often move / jump.
4-Steady Crosshair : crosshair will not be widened.
5-Infinite Ammo : we will not run out of bullets, but we must change weapons [Q] after firing a few enemies, because sometimes there is no damage.
6-No Recoil

Tools Required :
Cheat Engine:      Cheat Engine
Hack Ballistic V3:    Trainer Ballistic


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