Wednesday, May 24, 2017

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Dark Souls 'Input Customizer' mod lets you rebind every single input

Dark Souls for PC was a legendarily crappy port, and yet people continue to play it because a) it's an amazing game, and b) due to the hard work of modders. Joining the legions of benevolent Dark Souls mods is Input Customizer. As the name implies, it lets you customise inputs for gamepad, Steam controller and mouse and keyboard.

"[Input Customizer] uses an intuitive input system that allows the rebinding of every action to arbitrary combinations of keys or buttons on the controller, mouse or keyboard," the Nexus Mods description reads. "Although this can in part also be achieved with existing tools, DSIC is much more flexible and wraps it all up in an easy to use package, with additional functionality that is specially tailored to Dark Souls."

The work of modder Methanhydrat, it looks to be a pretty easy-to-use tool if the demonstration video embedded below is anything to go by. Note that you'll need to already have Durante's DSFix installed to get it up and running.

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Counter-Strike: GO 'Operation Hydra' events have just been detailed

Valve has just announced its Counter-Strike: Global Offensive 'Operation Hydra' event, which will take place on a weekly basis until September. These events will feature "twists on the classic game rules", and will play out on new maps across both casual and competitive.

These events will mostly involve the aforementioned "twists". For example, Wingman, is a 2v2 best-of-16 format, while Weapons Expert is a 5v5 best-of-30 match where the player can only purchase a weapon once. Other varieties come in the form of War Games, which includes Heavy Assault Suit – a bomb defusal round with the added twist that one player is wearing heavy armor.

Meanwhile, Headshots Only is a War Game which does what it says on the tin; Hunters-Gatherers is a mode where each player drops a dogtag on death, which can be collected to win the game, and Stab Stab Zap involves only a knife, a recharging Zeus and grenades. There are more War Games, detailed over here.

Of course, you can buy an "all access" pass for $5.99 (US), which boosts the XP you earn, while also adding a new Guardian campaign where you and a friend play through a series of missions where, at a hunch, enemies will need to be shot. There are also the usual range of new weapon skins, cases and more. The full rundown can be read over here.

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Tuesday, May 23, 2017


Troopers get FREE weapon from Super Random Box!
If you have won Hydro Predator from Super Random Box you will have White Camo AK74 Permanent for FREE and if you have won Blue Water Sniper you will have White Camo M4A1 Permanent but that’s not all troopers because you can also have these FREE weapons if you ALREADY HAVE the Hydro Predator Sniper and Blue Water Sniper.
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Tekken 7 drops opening cinematic with epic Kazuya-Heihachi face-off

See Heihachi land an impressive Glasgow Kiss.

Tekken 7's western instalment—the first ever to reach PC—is almost here, due next Thursday, June 2. When it does it won't come with its iconic boxing kangaroo Roger Jr., but it will host a number of recurring stars. Publisher Bandai Namco has now revealed the game's opening cinematic which elevates that last part to fever pitch.

Aptly named 'The Mishima Feud', the trailer below culminates in a fiery face-off to the death between father and son fighters/long-time adversaries Heihachi and Kazuya. Even if you're not familiar with Tekken's lore—some of which involves angels and devils and miraculously pointy and steadfast hairdos—the following showdown is a doozy.

Of course some of the familiar gang show face there too, not least Street Fighter's Akuma who's been given the Tekken treatment post-2012's Street Fighter X Tekken. Interestingly, the Great Demon appears to boast an SF-leaning moveset, which could boost his popularity in the game's inevitable forthcoming presence in the esports scene.

Speaking to that very point, Shaun caught up with series director Katsuhiro Harada and designer Michael Murray last month in an interview that's definitely worth your time. Shaun also had a little time with Tekken 7's story mode which he described thusly: "Let's just say it's as hilariously overblown and intense as a Tekken game should be."

Tekken 7 is due June 2, 2017. For those of you wondering about the Glasgow Kiss mention in the strap above—it's not a term of endearment.



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Grab a top Asus Z170 motherboard for $134 on Newegg

A total saving of $95.

Newegg is running a 72-hour pre-Memorial Day sale over the next few days, bringing you a whole range of deals on tech and hardware. One of the highlights is this Asus ROG Maximus VIII Hero/Whetstone motherboard, which can be found for $134 after rebate.

This LGA 1151 motherboard is based on the Intel Z170 chipset, and it comes with four DDR4 DIMMs, three PCIe x16 slots and three PCIe x1 slots. You'll also find SATA Express, M.2, and USB 3.1 Type-C connections, just about everything you want. Plus it comes with the ROG SupremeFX 2015 audio chipset and the Sonic Studio II tuning suite. You get a ROG mouse pad thrown in for good measure as well.

As for the price, this motherboard usually sits above $200. During the three day sale you can save $60 off the normal price, plus you can get an extra $35 off with a mail in rebate. All this takes the price down to $134, which is over $60 cheaper than it is on Amazon right now.

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[NOTICE] Server Maintenance - May 27, 2017 (04:00AM-10:00AM)

Attention, CF Nation!

We would like to inform everyone that CrossFire servers will undergo a scheduled server maintenance on May 23, 2017 from 04:00 AM to 10:00 AM.

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  • Assault Mercenaties Attendance Event - May 15-21, 2017
  • Frontal Assault Playtime Event - May 15-21, 2017
  • VIP Promo Bonus Rewards Insertion (Purchased as gift) - May 16-22, 2017

We apologize for the inconvenience.

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Sunday, May 21, 2017

[PLAYTIME EVENT] Frontal Assault - Zombie Knight Mode

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New Tekken 7 trailer showcases a handful of the series' best

King, Nina, Eddy, Jack-7, Steve Fox, and Lucky Chloe are the stars of this Japanese Tekken 7 trailer.

Say it with me: Tekken 7 is almost out on PC. The game comes out on June 2, and with it comes a bunch of the series' best fighters. Some of them are highlighted in a recently released trailer (above) that shows off their new looks, while new character Lucky Chloe gets her own chance in the spotlight.

Tekken 7 is really nailing the look of its characters. King has a cape, Steve Fox is in full boxing attire, and King has a cape. Oh, and did I forgot to mention that King has a cape? Because he does, and it's fantastic. I'm a firm believer that all professional wrestlers should wear capes—except for JBL, who would say everyone looks stupid in their capes—and King does not disappoint.

We also get a look at Eddy Gordo, Jack-7, Miguel Rojo, and Nina Williams, who's still wear a wedding gown. As for new character Lucky Chloe, she wears cat-like clothing and break dances to defeat her foes—Eddy doesn't seem to like it, either.

Tekken 7 hits PC on June 2. While you can expect to see many classic characters, you won't see the boxing kangaroo Roger Jr. Remember that video of a man punching a kangaroo to free his dog from its grip? Well, executive producer Katsuhiro Harada was worried that animal activists would complain about a kangaroo's inclusion in a fighting game. Tekken 7's two very nice bears, however, are "obviously stronger than a human being."


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