December 5, 2016

Crossfire PH Latest Invisible Mod (GodLike)

As the title says I know that this is the most valuable mod in CF and the reason I'm posting this is because I will not play CF anymore and will focus more on my carrier. So this will be a farewell post and also an advance Christmas gift for all Crossfire players.Good bye Crossfire community and keep on firing. /gewd2


1. Extract the GODLIKEMOD(2).rar and get the m-motion1.ltb
2. Extract your RF016.REZ that is located in your crossfire rez directory (Crossfire 2.0/rez)
3. After extracting RF016.REZ go to its extracted folder and copy your m-motion.ltb in directory MODELS/CHARACTER.
4. Inject m-motion1.ltb to m-motion.ltb

Video Tutorial


P.S. If it's your first time to extract REZ and inject LTB files then find the extractor.exe and injector program and its TUTORIAL(sorry I dont have enough time to search and post its link here)

Tips to make it work:
1. Follow the instructions carefully.
2. Only use GP characters. (eg. SWAT, OMOH, SAS)

Tips for less client error:
1. Avoid water, electric, fountain, slide.
2. Wait for it to crouch before moving and don't stop/idle for too long.

Tips for less death:
1. Avoid jumping and always remember your character is on your right, so take cover. :)

Enjoy~ and happy gaming.
Advance Merry Christmas./gewd2

Rez Injector:

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December 4, 2016

BlackShot TeamEspV1.6 for Sea Adding Flyhacks And this is the The End for Night killer

My firend have be passaway  by he call her name Night Killer so this is the end for me make in hacks maybe the next future luffy for somebody can make more hacks for cool think thank you so much for you all helping me   Maybe in future i wan come back who know

Ghost Mode
Infinity Buy Time

[End]=Ghost Mode
[Delete]=Infinity Buy Time

Srceen Shot:

MadProgrammerPH for Cabal PH Wallhack ZoomHack Level Hack

 Screen Shots:

This is for CABAL PH
Let me clear this is: Not For Sale!
UPDATED: 12/4/2016

Reinstall the .NET Framework
Click HERE

New Loader(Server)

NEW Injector (Suspend gameguard for injection)

What's New?

Fix Button on/off
Added New Speed for NSD,NCT
Added Nation Hack = GM view equips
Added NCT = Fixed Speed
Remove Panic Button
Added Temporary Zoom Hack = Fixed Range
Added Level Hack = Fixed level
Added No skill delay = Buggy need Click
Added Wallhack = Roll over
Added Panic Button = ????????

How To Use

    Run MadProgrammerPH.exe (RUN AS ADMINISTRATOR)
    Start cabal



Insert = Show/Hide

How To Disable Wallhack
To disable Wallhack. Try the FF:

    Go to different map
    Change Channel
    Change Character

How To Use Zoom Hack

    Center your view please check Screenshot below
    Select Zoom Hack Number and click ZoomHack Button 0 = disable / 1-4 = zoomhack
    Arrow keys/ right click causes temporary back to original zoom

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LoL Skin Tool supports all server - All skin Riot, PBE V6.23

Owning League Of Legends Skins in fact is a great thing, so I want to share my LOL skin tool and this tool completely secure, verify and enjoy it.

This version supports the entire League Of Legends (Garena/NA/EU/OCE/...) server completely simple and effective

- Assistance all the servers League Of Lengends in the world
- Pure skin tool with NO hack functions comply with RIOT's policy // No harms to other players, just bring the power of spirit
- Customize your champion with many skins from ours, leaguecraft, lolking
- No installation needed ( 1 time run to use )
- Find lol path and compatible with any lol version automatically
- No modifications on ORIGINAL client files ( all are set to default when closing tool )
- Easy to use with just some clicks
- Clean and relevant User Interface

Continuously updated versions compatible with the changes in the League Of Lengends
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ How to use: ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
1. Run your client
2. Run skin tool ( LoL Skin.exe )
3. Choose your champion then champion's listed skin -> click "Activating or Name Skin"
4. Go gaming with my champion and enjoy, your desired skin would be loaded when starting

User interface:

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CFRF Wallhack+Crosshair Working in CFPH

Warning - Use dummy account for testing hacks and to avoid getting auto ban.

Note - This hacks will work until next Maintenance

Tested and Working in Crossfire Philippines



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Grand Chase Hack Trigger [Undetected] Best way to get in without getting caught

Youtube Link guide on how to use it feel free to use a VPN there is a low chance of getting banned the GMs who maintains the private servers don't have any free time they hardly do their jobs LOL

Download link below

File is deemed safe its the same tool except with no ads so the tool will not freeze when loading it up
antivirus will think its a trojan but its not

Allow tool to get excluded on firewall aka allow app access to all ports

Step 1 Download thru link

Step 2 Extract to desktop

Step 3 Start up GC reborn

Step 4 run the hack trigger by going into the folder and running as Admin you'll see no ads on this telling you to watch kitten videos first

Step 5 login the game and have fun with this tool

Q: Will GMs ban me?

A: No the name change hack comes in handy for those wanting to avoid bans GMs in GC Reborn are lazy as fuck they won't ban despite the reports the users send out about you or live stream you be unbannable even when you put MOD after your name to mock the staff at GC Reborn

Q: Will I get IP Banned?

A: Same as before the GMs can't do shit the staff is poorly maintaining the game even when the staff thinks their server is secured LOL

Tested in GCH as well the Character hack won't work in GCH the reason due to different coding in the game data

Features are the same its undetected

Credits : blitz18 and someone else

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WarRock PH GlassWall And NoRecoil Only

M Botton po Mga sir

Credits to :Aldrie Bravo
: Mr.NoName

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PSF Playpark Respawn Hack by bsmikee019

Here's one of the MOD Hacks I made
Hope you guys liked it

Note: This only works on Team Battle Mode

If you are on the RED TEAM - You will spawn at the Submarine(Touch Down)
If you are on the BLUE TEAM - You will spawn at the Warehouse A
If you are on the RED TEAM - You will spawn at the Plaza(Touch Down)

Note: You Have to wait 10 seconds before you can Touch Down

Here's a Video for you to understand the hack:

How to use(Please follow the instruction clearly to avoid errors)
1. Download
2. Open the Rar. Inside you will see a folder called "data" folder.
3. Go to the Special Force folder
4. Drag the "data" folder to Special Force folder
5. It will ask you to rewrite , Click Yes To All . Or in windows 7 , Press Copy and Replace.
6. You're Done.
7. Play Game

Note: Use at your own risk.
There will be more updates when my Laptop is already fix.

If You want to REMOVE the Respawn MOD(Please Follow the Instruction Clearly to Avoid Errors)
1. Go Special Force Folder , go to data folder
2. Go to area folder and delete "area_004.sff"
3. You're done removing the Respawn Mod Hack.

Virus Scan:

Dont forget to Press Thanks ;)

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Point Blank Garena MrSnapz's Cheat Without Ads!! (Latest version)

Owner of this cheat: MrSnapz

Press Thanks /gewd
@Mae @FierceKiller @FirstPromise™ @darkneon11 @Miaa @YuuJii @anthony @ejhay @spyakohhh

Notice: Dis Hack will be updated Everyday


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December 3, 2016

[LH] Sixy Trainer [PBBR v0.3]

Sistemas Operacionais Compatíveis



- Tutorial -​

    °Execute o Loader como Administrador.​
    °Clique no anúncio ou aguarde 5 minutos.​
    °Selecione seu Jogo e clique em carrega.​
    °Depois clique em "Carregar Inject".​
    °Espere Carregar.​
    °Inicie o Jogo.​
    °OBS: Arquivos necessários para o bom funcionamento do cheat​
    pacote de dll(s) x86: download <<<<​
    pacote de dll(s) x64: download <<<<​

Erro ?
Visual C++ 2010
Directx SDK
Net Framework 4.5
DirectX End User Runtime
Java Runtime

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Crossfire Ph Free Accounts

Crossfire Free Accounts Decmber 3, 2016

User:                  Password:
supercfus2         hotshotgamers
HSGCF1            hotshotgamers
HSGCF2            hotshotgamers
HSGCF3            hotshotgamers
HSGCF4            hotshotgamers
HSGCF5            hotshotgamers

CSGO HENTAIWARE Internal Multihack

    Hey, new version of a shitty cheat, enjoy.
    Undetected as of 12/01/16
    -Trigger w/ delay
    -Name/Health/Weapon ESP
    -Player box
    -No flash (prob broken)
    -No hands (prob broken, sorry ImSoFluffy)
    -Sniper crosshair

    Start CS before injecting, use your own injector, extreme will prob vac kick you. Menus on insert.

Virus scans:

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CSGO Internal Hack w/ BasicGUI - v1 [+SOURCE]

This was built from my optimized and simplified version of the TopBase menu. I felt like a few improvements could of been done with it and then I sort of just built a hack from it. Note this doesn't use the SDK, but does include pattern scanning and therefore will stay updated for (hopefully) a while.

I will be adding more features eventually, as you can see there is a calcangle function in there which I did get working but cant be bothered implementing an aimbot right now. I will find or create a better calcangle.

-> Source included in download <-

Download Now

CS:GO Glow Esp + Triggerbot ( 3.12.2016 )


Basic hack with glow esp ( visibility check ) and triggerbot feature.

Hotkey for triggerbot is : Alt


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Amadeus Internal CSGO Cheat Wallhack Bunneyhop Crosshair Hack

Hello beautiful mpgh users, had this layin down on my driver. It was my (FIRST) truly internal csgo cheat decided to take a look to it, was shaking my head as how stupid/ghetto were the ways I did before. I have no use of it , enjoy.

I'm not going to release source, because it's ugly asf. If you are interested on knowing how stuff works feel free to add me on skype: eating.panda

Start CS before injecting, use your own injector. Menu key is INSERT

Undetected as of 11/30/2016 9:55 PM EST

(Menu was inspired by Nostalgia, old school )

Features: (nothing too fancy, pretty good for legit playing)

> Box
> Name
> Weapon
> Glow
> Weapon
> Healthbar
> Healthtext
> Skeleton
> Player Chams
> Entitys (dropped weapons, planted bomb, dropped bomb)
> Hitbox Dot
> NoHands


> Bunnyhop
> Recoil Dot
> Crosshair

Virus Scans:

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Chat Spammer Tool v2

Ok, here's the updated version

What's new?
- Hotkeys to start and stop
- Changed spam speed to 2 sec
- Changed the look of the spammer

Press Ctrl + V to both start and stop

What will be added in the next update?
- Buttons that changes the speed

- Me (for the v1)
- @ @Zaczero for helping me with the hotkeys


Virus scans:

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