Monday, December 11, 2017


Supported OS:
Window XP ,7 ,8 and 10 (32-BIT Only)

0. Extract Archive (do not open it on winrar)
1. Start PB wait 1 seconds and proceed to step 2
2. Open Injector (If you receive any error or you do not know what you are doing leave reply below)
3. The injector will auto close after 10 seconds if successfully injected
5. Close the message box from the hack after injection as fast as possible ( If you did not close it fast ... injection will failed)

1. This uses driver based injection like Xenos.
2. This will only work on 32-BIT OS.
3. This does not require you to enable test mode.

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Mod Wall w/ Infernal Scope by: jaymike gamao

Crossfire Mod Wall w/ Infernal Scope by: jaymike gamao CFPH Mod Cheat Download


Hi Guys Release ko lang dito yung Modwall w/ infernal scope Sniper

Download link:


use dammy account first always rez file not Keylogger
Especial thanks to: @daxen01

ak47 fast reload by: jaymike Gamao

Crossfire ak47 fast reload by: jaymike Gamao CFPH Mod Cheat Download

Fast Reload and Fast Fire
ak47 Only

Especial Thanks to :


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Gusto ko ishare sa inyo ang mga injector na gumagana sa cheat ni @FirstPromise™

Hindi nyo na kailangan mag hanap sa ibang website,dahil nandito na ang lahat ng injector
na hinahanap nyo

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Bohemia Interactive's sandbox game Ylands enters Early Access

A sandbox survival game where you can design your own game modes.

At first glance, Ylands looks like your standard survival game: you wake up on a desert island ready to craft tools, gather resources and fend off aggressive wildlife. But what sets it apart is the variety of things you can find and craft (diving off the starter island might net you some scuba gear and a treasure map, for example), as well as a game editor that lets you create an endless number of scenarios.
Basically, you can set up any island (or Yland, as in 'Your land') however you want. If you get bored of taming horses and brewing potions then you can make an icy race track and send vintage cars skidding into the bends. The terrain is fully modifiable so you can siege a castle, battle pirate ships, build a platforming puzzle or fling horses for miles using catapults. The game editor is built right in and you can play through other player's creations in the Ylands Workshop, which is surely where you'll get the most fun. You can switch between single-player and multiplayer on the fly, which is neat.
The Early Access version has just come out on Steam, and it will set you back £10.40/$12.00. For that you also get $20 worth of credit at the in-game store to buy cosmetic items for your character. The final version, which will be more expensive, will come with a new world to explore as well as NPCs.
Looking at the early Steam reviews, most people are impressed with the game's flexibility, but the main gripe seems to be with the performance and optimisation, particularly in the laggy multiplayer. Still, it's early days yet. Developer Bohemia Interactive (from the Arma games) says it will be in Early Access for up to 8 months, which is plenty of time to iron out the creases. It's an interesting concept, and it might be worth a look if you don't mind some performance hiccups.


Remotekill Pickup Anti Invi Double Jump WTW

Crossfire Remotekill Pickup Anti Invi Double Jump WTW CFPH Mod Cheat Download

hellow ka rl nag realease ako nga remotekill pickup anti invi double jump wtw with invi pala to


pass oliverthemodder

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Rainbow Six Siege hits 100,000 concurrent Steam users following White Noise update

Update adds three new operators and a new map, Mok Myeok Tower.

Rainbow Six Siege's White Noise update, which Evan got a sneak peak at last month, dropped this week and helped the game to reach its highest Steam player count ever, two years after it first released.
The update, which wraps up the second year of content for the game, adds three new operators, including one that can hack your phone and make it ring at crucial moments, which sounds brilliant. It's distracting, and it will give away enemy positions, too. Of the other two operators, one can go invisible to cameras and drones while the other carries a double-barreled grenade launcher. Evan said the new map, Mok Myeok Tower, is one of the game's most exciting. All in all, a good update.
And it seems that players agree. White Noise launched on Tuesday and later in the week the shooter hit 100,000 concurrent users on Steam for the first time, as shown by Steamcharts data. That's impressive given its age and more than double what it was pulling in at this time last year. Right now it has the fourth biggest audience on Steam (and more players accessing it through Uplay).
It's a good indication of what continued support and regular, meaty updates will do for a game. The third year of updates is already planned, with new content coming out on a quarterly basis. Season one of the third year will include two new operators and the game's first co-op game mode called Outbreak, a three-player "new fantasy" about quarantine and biohazard.
Thanks, PCGamesN.


HUD MOD BY Vincentmodder

Crossfire HUD MOD BY Vincentmodder CFPH Mod Cheat Download

Note : Extrac the rf147 the paste sa AiBossDamage to the Rf147 mark then rez maker !
and the GameIN_Ex paste in the UI Script

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Overkill's The Walking Dead is a four player co-op shooter where you fight zombies and other humans

Trailer reveals the first playable character, Aidan, a former architect.

Payday developer Overkill has revealed more details about its shooter based on The Walking Dead. It will be a four player co-op FPS set in a post-apocalyptic Washington D.C. in which you and friends will stomp zombies and humans alike as you strengthen a base camp.
In Overkill's The Walking Dead you'll choose between one of four playable characters, each of which has special abilities, skill trees, and a story arc. Teams will be able to take out enemies in a variety of ways, silently stabbing them in unison or wading in guns blazing.
The game will be split up into a number of missions and raids, which will help net you supplies and extra survivors to beef up your base against would-be attackers, including waves of walkers. The game will take place fairly soon after the undead take control, Overkill said in the live stream reveal (which you can watch on the game's website).
The stream showed off the game's first character, former architect Aidan (shown in the trailer at the top of this post). Overkill didn't say much about how Aidan will control, but the trailer shows him with a baseball bat, which suggests he might be focused on melee.
Listening to the live stream, it sounds like the government's role in the aftermath of the outbreak will be a central focus, with player's exploring the city to find out exactly what happened. Expect lots of dialogue in base camp and during combat, too.
Overkill's The Walking Dead will be out towards the end of next year.


[Preview] ZA3 Helpful MOD x100 FK!

Tignan nyo po. Not Leech po sa aakin po talaga to ^_^
Thanks to:
Kha Ngố MOD CF
For the IDEA.


Kung Mag MOD Kayo ng REZ FILE
Create A Copy of your CROSSFIRE and make a MOD on it.
So kung mag PATCH man ang CF Madali lang.

Sunday, December 10, 2017

Overwatch will match you more closely with players of a similar skill rating from January

Matchmaking changes incoming for season 8.

Overwatch's upcoming competitive season 8, which launches in January, will bring with it some big changes to the way that players are matched within a team. Blizzard is currently testing a tweak to the matchmaking system that will close the gap between the highest and lowest skill ratings (SRs) on a given team, and will implement the change for the season's launch.
It's aimed at fixing the problem of players, particularly at the higher and lower limits of SR, getting matched with people that are far above or below their own level of ability. It should mean that players on your team are all close to your skill level but it could increase wait times for matches, especially at both extreme high and low SRs where there are less players.
"The matchmaker has previously assigned players who are of a much lower SR to the same team as 4500 SR player, and hasn’t always created the best match experience possible. During the month of December we will be quietly testing the effect of more restrictive SR limits to both match quality and queue times. With the data and player feedback from testing, we’ll then come back from our holiday break on January 2 and apply a finalized set of values for Season 8," principal designer Scott Mercer said on the Overwatch forum.
It seems like a good idea, providing wait times for games don't massively inflate. And don't worry—the limits for the SR differences at which you can group with other players is not changing (1000 SR difference for Bronze through Diamond ranks).
In another change announced by Mercer, the way that your SR changes after a match above Diamond rank will be different in the new season. Currently, one of the factors affecting the amount of SR you gain or lose after a match is your own personal performance. Mercer said that while the system has its merits, it can lead to players worrying more about their own SR than about winning the game.
"They should just be trying to win. So after we get back from the holidays on January 2nd we’re going to turn off the personal performance SR adjustments for players in the Diamond skill tier and above."


No Bug Damage Only

Crossfire No Bug Damage Only CFPH Mod Cheat Download

hellow ka rl nag realease ako nga no bug damage only lang walang no fall damge

pass oliverthemodder

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Monster Hunter: World will let you fight alongside Mega Man

Capcom crossover.

Capcom's been on a Mega Man blitz this week: it announced on Monday that Mega Man 11 would arrive on PC alongside all eight games in the Mega Man X series, and yesterday it confirmed that the Blue Bomber will be coming to action-RPG Monster Hunter: World when it launches next year.
He will take the form of a Palico—basically a companion that will help you out during quests. He'll be a 3D version of the 2D NES sprite we know and love, and his blocky appearance looks a little odd against the detailed backdrop. But, hey, it's more Mega Man, so bring it on.
He'll bring with him four weapons inspired by previous Mega Man games that you'll be able to yield. The Great Sword, Gunlance, Long Sword, Charge Blade and Bow fit a lot more closely with the aesthetic of the rest of the game, but when you're using them you'll hear classic Mega Man tunes in the background. Nice.
Skip to 2:45 in the video above to get a glimpse of Mega Man. Before that, feast your eyes on some impressive gameplay footage. It really is shaping up rather well.
Sadly, there's still no release date for the PC version: it's coming to consoles on January 26, and we'll get it some time after that.



Crossfire FAST WEAPONS AND FAST MELEE BY; Jaymike Gamao CFPH Mod Cheat Download

Hi Guys Release ko lng to yung Fast reload ko at fast knife ko

download link: WEAPONS AND FAST MELEE.rar


KNIFE and Broken Kukri Preview:

M4A1 and KSP58D Preview:

credits :
@daxen01 @jay17 @oliveramago23

Path of Exile's War for the Atlas expansion revamps the ARPG's endgame

Respect the Elder.

Path of Exile's latest expansion is out now, and completely changes the way that the ARPG's endgame works. It adds 32 new maps to battle through, each of which has a boss at the end, as well as four powerful Elder Guardians that you'll have to defeat before you reach the new bid bad: the Elder.
Before the update you fought through randomly generated maps to reach the Shaper, a Cthulhu-looking boss. Now, the Shaper and the Elder are at war, trying to separately spread their taint across the map. These taints affect the way maps look and feel: the Elder's minions will literally suck the colour out of the world, weakening your character if they're nearby, for example.
By choosing a particular path you'll be able to control the spread of both bosses, shepherding them towards particular maps, or fighting back against the taint of one in particular, allowing the other to take over.
This will let you to determine the type of loot you get in certain areas (and there's buckets of new, rare items to get your mitts on), and control zones that you want to farm for goodies. It's a fairly complex system that Steven interviewed the developers about last month.
The update also adds new character customisation options, with four new skills gems focused on necromancy and six support gems.
Lastly, it adds a new challenge league called the Abyss. There, you'll wander maps in search of cracks that nasties will spill out of. Follow the cracks and you'll find a bigger group of enemies climbing out of a hole in the ground. Slay them all and new cracks will appear, leading you to another hole, and so on. The enemies get more challenging as you progress and you get less time to clear them.
Read more about the update here, and again, read Steven's interview with the devs if you're interested.


[10-12-17]WHPH + Radar ect..

WarRock WHPH + Radar ect.. December 10, 2017 Mod Cheat Download



Dual Scorp
Dual AK47


Note : Use your own Risk

It's work's fine!

Enjoy Advance xMas

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A Lord of the Rings card game will hit Steam Early Access next year

Based on Fantasy Flight's physical card game.

The Lord of the Rings has inspired a lot of very good PC games spanning nearly every genre, from RTS to text adventure, open-world game to MMORPG. You can now add card game to that list: a digital, free-to-play version of Fantasy Flight's physical Lord of the Rings card game is coming to Steam next year.
The Lord of the Rings Living Card Game is the first game from new developer Fantasy Flight Interactive, and will focus on single-player and co-op campaigns rather than the multiplayer action we're used to in most PC card games. If, like me, you're not familiar with the term 'Living Card Game', then it differentiates itself from a collectible card game (CCG) by the way it distributes cards.
In CCGs you expand your deck by buying packs that contain random cards of varying degrees of rarity. LCGs are more structured: you buy expansion packs containing a fixed set of cards, often surrounding a particular theme or play style.
In The Lord of the Rings LCG you will lead a team of up to three heroes through a number of different campaigns, earning new cards, customising your 30-card deck and purchasing new card packs as and when they are released. You'll battle against computer-controlled decks, and when the game fully releases you'll be able to team up with a friend to take on Sauron's army co-op style (Early Access is single-player only).
It will enter Early Access early next year and should be ready to release within five months, Fantasy Flight says. You'll have to pay for Early Access by purchasing one of three tiers of Founder's Packs, but after launch the base game will be free-to-play. Extra cards will be available for purchase in the game's store, and the developer will add new card packs and campaigns over time.
You'll also be able to purchase the extra cards with in-game money you earn by playing through the campaign, which is good news (providing earning that currency doesn't take too long).
The teaser trailer at the top of this post doesn't give away too much, but below you can see the first in-game screenshot:

If you want to know more, the developers go into a fair bit of detail about how you'll build your decks in this blog post.
Check out the Steam page here.


Cars- Sword of Divinity - Max Damage 1 hit knife

Crossfire Cars- Sword of Divinity - Max Damage 1 hit knife CFPH Mod Cheat Download

Hello mga ka rl e release ko itong max damage one hit Crossfire PH Sword of Divinity / Xuan Yuan Sword. tested on za2 , supersoldier and ffa. the power of hexedit

1 hit /1 slice max damage

@-Bladymyr @Logan1233 @SHOOTER-X @ejhay @jay17

walang guhit ba talaga ang sword of divinity sa pader?

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MechWarrior 5: Mercenaries is coming December 2018, will have 4-player co op

During MechCon 2017 in Vancouver, Piranha Games president Russ Bullock took to the stage to announce that MechWarrior 5: Mercenaries, the return to a singleplayer sim-like MechWarrior, is coming in December of 2018.
MechWarrior hasn't had a proper singleplayer game for over 15 years, but MW5 marks a return to form. When I visited Piranha Games in the summer, Bullock said that this would be "the same kind of action simulator that people have been wanting for 15 years." Ditching the linear campaign of the main MechWarrior games, Mercenaries will feature a more sim-like campaign where players run their own mercenary company and can explore the Inner Sphere and fight for its Great Houses however they like.
MechWarrior 5 will also have Steam Workshop mod support and 4-player co op. Bullock says that, instead of using AI teammates on a mission, you'll be able to recruit a friend to join your lance.
I had a chance to play the latest build of MechWarrior 5 at MechCon yesterday and really enjoyed my time with it. Despite some weak AI, it's chunky combat feels extremely punchy and fun. Bullock even found me today to say he agrees about the demo's weak AI and assure me it was one of the highest priorities for the team.
You can check out MechWarrior 5: Mercenaries' new website here.


Crossfire Philippines Hack (12-10-17)

Mery Christmas!!

Heto para sa mga may Private loader Try nyo to

Kindly use your Dummy account First

Still downloading pa kasi Crossfire ko



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